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COVID-19 Upgrade Programs For Natural Hairstylists – Natural Hair and Beauty Association


The unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound effect on the lives of millions of people around the world. The threat of the disease and increasing casualties are destabilising our communities. Recently imposed restrictions to daily life have forced us to quickly adopt different ways of working, learning and connecting with each other.

Whilst this crisis has brought unprecedented challenges for everyone in the society, we’ve been grateful to bring you some certification programs to inspire and equip you for getting back to our new normal in the near future.

We have been tapping into our networks and harnessing the expertise of our partners to bring you the best from our collaborations.

Explore this curated list of resources, from sanitation, to hair care to help you be your best Natural Hairstylist


Duration: N/A
Requirements: Applicants should be a minimum age of 18
Special entry may be granted under certain circumstances
Pre-requisites: None
Start Date: Every month
CRICOS Code: 00001


Job Outcomes

A well educated hairdresser or beauty salons owner, barber shops and spas.


Units covered during training:

NHBAF Creating Financial Freedom In This Pandemic
NHBAS BARBICIDE® Certification
NHBAN Part Hair Like The Braided Rebel
NHBAF Leveraging the Stimulus- A conversation with Capital
NHBAN Surviving The Recession
NHBAS Operating in Challenging Times presents a Conversation with Ollen Douglas of Motley Fool
NHBAS Operating in Challenging Times: Leveraging Amazon as Alternative Sales Channel with Gina Woods
NHBAS Top 10 Tips to Manage Current Macroeconomic Challenges
NHBAS Leading Your Business: Inside and Out

Training is in an online setting, with a mix of practical work on clients, written work, workshops, and group discussion. Assessments include project work, demonstration of skills and participation in discussions and debates, written assessment and presentations. All skill assessments are required to be carried out on paying members of the public.

Course Curriculum

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