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Custom Hair Oil is the Perfect Hair Recovery Treatment for Summer – Natural Hair and Beauty Association

Custom Hair Oil is the Perfect Hair Recovery Treatment for Summer

Summer rays are all you’ve been craving for months, but now that sunny days are ahead, do you know how to properly protect your strands from the sun’s harsh effects? Well, we’ve got good news for you. Custom hair oil is the answer to all of your summer hair woes. Learn about the many ways a hair oil can benefit and protect your strands all summer along with some other seasonal hair tips.

Summer Woe #1: Dry Hair

The sun can have your hair feeling especially fried and dry in the summertime, so the perfect way to protect your strands is with hair oil. Slathering your hair with oil as a treatment can help prevent your locks from ever losing their moisture. By taking a generous amount, at least ten to twenty drops, applying it to dry hair and allowing it to sit for twenty minutes before you wash it out, you’ll control frizz, detangle hair along and even  seal in moisture. Layering your hair oil with a leave-in can also help you reap maximum moisture benefits. 

Summer Woe #2: Saltwater and Chlorine

Fun summer activities such as beach trips and pool parties can take a toll on your strands, but that’s no reason not to partake. The key is to be mindful and plan ahead. Pack your custom hair oil along with your other summer essentials so you’ll have it handy for whatever activity comes your way. Since both saltwater and chlorine can be extremely drying to strands, smooth a few drops of hair oil through your strands to protect them from potential damage before you hop in. You can also try dampening your hair with clean water before exposing it to any other water sources. Since hair is so absorbent, making sure it soaks up clean water first helps keep it from soaking up tons of salt water or chlorine.

Summer Hair Tips

In addition to hair oil, there are a few other tips you can incorporate that will help protect your strands. One quick way to keep UV rays at bay is to pop on a hat, instantly shading your hair from any harsh sunlight. Another unwanted side effect of summer is lackluster hair. Swimming and the sun can strip shine away and leave strands dull. To bolster your hair’s shine-factor, start by lathering up with your Prose shampoo as usual, then spray your strands with apple cider vinegar, rinse, and finally follow up with conditioner to detangle your hair and camouflage ACV’s potent scent.. The acidic pH of ACV balances the ph level of your scalp and hair shaft, resulting in shiny strands. Then, if you find yourself on the beach soaking up the sun, try applying a hair mask while you’re relaxing. Similar to hair oil, a hair mask will prevent your strands from soaking up unwanted, drying saltwater. Just be sure to shampoo and condition it out during your post-beach shower. Finish with a hair oil to replenish moisture and boost hair health.

November 27, 2019